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5 ways to avoid becoming a recruitment casualty
31 March 2017

In a world where in-house recruiters are targeted with cost per hire; external recruiters are in competition to see who can create a shortlist the fastest; hiring managers are given little or no training in how to assess potential candidates; and few organisations are honest with themselves about the reality of working for them or in the role itself as described,  the results of the recent Korn Ferry survey are no surprise. 

Congratulations! You're already a winner
29 March 2017

I, like you, get regular nudges from LinkedIn to 'congratulate' someone on their 'work anniversary' or to 'see who else is celebrating'. Does anyone celebrate their work?

It's A Level Results Day!
12 August 2015

It could be a stressful day on Thursday 13th August - either because success has meant that the dream of a University place has now become real or because the route you thought you were about to follow now looks doubtful. Don't despair if it's the latter, all is certainly not lost and there are options, if you act fast...



Stop! Do you really want that job?
23 June 2015

You might be amazed at how many people when offered a shiny new job they’ve worked hard to attain, turn round and reject the offer and stay exactly where they are. If you’re looking hard for a new job right now, this might seem almost unbelievable, but let me confirm from decades of involvement in recruitment that it’s absolutely true.